9 Ways to Incorporate Guided Meditations in Your Teaching Practice
9 Ways to Use Guided Meditations

9 Ways to Incorporate Guided Meditations in Your Teaching Practice – for Yoga Teachers

Incorporate Guided Meditations

Have you been wanting to incorporate guided meditations to your yoga classes? Or perhaps you’ve thinking about how you can offer something more or add more variety to your classes.

Guided Meditation could be a perfect way to make your classes more interesting, add variety, as well as to add more value to the classes you offer.

Here are 9 different ways you could incorporate Guided Meditations as a Yoga Teacher in your teaching practice.

1. Short Meditation at the Beginning of Class

Instead of going straight into movement, you could use a short guided meditation at the beginning of your class, to help settle the minds of the students before transitioning into moving postures.

2. Short Meditation at the End of Class

Similar to the idea of providing a short guided meditation at the beginning of class, you could offer a short meditation at the end of your class. This offers a great way to wrap things up in a comprehensive way before your students head out into the world again.

You could even offer two short guided meditations, one at the beginning and one at the end, to bookend your class. This can work really well when you are working with a specific theme for your class, providing a seamless way to tie the theme together from start to finish.

3. Longer Meditation at the End of Class

If you are interested in offering a longer guided meditation, you could consider offering a longer version of the guided meditation at the end of your yoga class. This is a wonderful way to provide and even introduce your students to the practice of meditation without it being too intimidating as a whole meditation class on its own.

Themed Meditation Class

4. Themed Class

You could choose a specific theme for your class and tie in a guided meditation to provide more depth and meaning to the class you’re offering.

For example: you may offer a class that is themed around heart-opening in which case you could offer a loving-kindness meditation for that class, or if you were offering a class on flexibility, perhaps you could incorporate a guided meditation with a focus on creating more flexibility of the mind while working on the flexibility of the body with the asanas.

5. Yoga Nidra

Another example of a great guided meditation you could offer, is with Yoga Nidra. Yoga Nidra is a special type of guided meditation that people can do while they are laying down in savasana. It is an extremely accessible type of meditation you can offer pretty much to anyone and it can fit perfectly into the ending portion of your asana class.

6. Stand-Alone Guided Meditation Classes

Once you become more comfortable leading shorter guided meditations, you can expand your skills to begin offering longer, stand-alone meditation classes at your local studio or at a yoga center.

7. Private Classes

Once you have been leading more guided meditations, you can even expand out further to work with people individually outside of a studio setting. You may have regular students who would love to work with you one-on-one for private guided meditation sessions.

8. Recordings of Your Meditation Classes (Audio)

Another way you can incorporate guided meditations in your teaching practice is to start offering them as audio recordings. This is a great way for you to share your guided meditations with your students. It will provide a way for them to have access to you and your teachings even when you aren’t able to offer in-person classes. They can use your meditations anytime it is convenient for them at home or even on the road.

9. Video Meditation Classes (YouTube or Online Class)

Lastly, another way you can use guided meditations is to offer video recordings of your guided meditations. You can upload them to your channel on YouTube, you could share them on your other social media platforms, or even as individual classes on your own website.

Stand Along Guided Meditations

So, which way do you see yourself using guided meditations in your teaching practice? Let me know!


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