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Guided Meditation: Centered and Grounded

Here’s a guided meditation to help be centered and grounded. Being Centering refers to our mental and physical state of mind. It’s the place we want to get back to when we’re not feeling like ourselves. Individuals who are centered and grounded are typically calm and peaceful, content with who we are, sure of ourselves, and have confidence in the decisions we make. 

Centering Meditation

When we’re not centered, we might feel lost or out of touch with ourselves. When we center ourselves, we bring calm to our emotions. We do so by slowing down our breathing so that we “feel” more of what’s going on around us.

Centering can help with coping of many negative emotions, such as grief, anger, trauma, depression, and sadness, or enable us to be more resilient against negative emotions. A regular practice of centering can also allow you to have deeper and more meaningful connections with others.

Grounding Meditation

Grounding exercises are things you can do to bring yourself into contact with the present moment, the here and now. Strategies include: taking three or more deep “belly breaths”, or longer exercises (like meditation).

When we ground ourselves, we’re calming or slowing down our emotions and getting more in touch with our internal and external worlds. Grounding our energy can be helpful when we feel either unbalanced or nervous. Being grounded also means that we’re more mindful with our actions.



When we have anxiety we get lost in our thoughts and our body starts to react. The practice of grounding and centering is an effective way to calm anxiety. During the practice, you’ll identify objects around you to help your brain recognize where you are. This creates a sense of comfort because you know where you are and you feel more in control of the situation.

How May I Help You?

My meditations, teaching, and services offer a grounded approach and help you connect to the deepest aspects of yourself.

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    We have meditation and yoga classes recorded that you can access for FREE. Our Yoga Tribe includes: all single Yoga and Meditation classes by Ali & Johnny, 49 Question Chakra Quiz, and 17 Question Dosha Quiz.

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