Music of Life Meditation - Deeper Connection & Peace

Music of Life Meditation – Deeper Connection & Peace

The music of life meditation is a type of meditation that uses sounds to focus the mind. It can be used with any type of sound, but for this version we will simply use any sounds that you might be hearing around you within a normal day. The idea is that the sound will help to anchor the mind in the present moment.

Music of Life

One specific method for practicing mindfulness of body sensations is to focus your attention on the sounds that are already all around you. Sounds, like everything else, arise and pass away. Just by listening, you can experience the insight of impermanence.

As you begin to listen to the music of life, you’ll likely find that you are naming sounds, “door slam … car engine… footsteps … bird … airplane … ” After a while, you may discover that the naming impulse relaxes. You may begin to recognize that everything is part of a “collective whole” rather than individual things.

Connection and Peace

Focusing on the the sounds that are already all around us is an often overlooked, yet very powerful way of finding serenity in the storm of life. Focus on the everyday sounds is an incredible way of bringing us right into the present moment. It transports us to the here and now, unwinding and unraveling tension. Simply focusing on the noises that we hear around us allows us to see the world with fresh eyes, feel connected in our environments and through that connection, experience peace.



There are many different traditions and approaches to formal meditation, and there is no single “right” way to meditate. Music of life meditation allows us to fill ourselves with the peace already within and around us. It is like a sea of tranquility that lies among the business of life around us.

Meditation allows us time each day to turn our attention away from the problems of the outer world to swim for a while in a sea of peace. We then experience moments of bliss, joy, and happiness.

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